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Flexibility for any solution, in any market

Investment solutions for all customers

Your tech-savvy customers are making smart decisions from the comfort of their home with intuitive, personalisable investment products. Keep them within your ecosystem by empowering them with seamless digital investment experiences.

Our modular, cloud-native platform lets you build personalised, flexible solutions for any customer segment, in any jurisdiction. Develop powerful solutions at speed and scale, helping customers do more with their money —while automation and integration with third-party solutions enhances profits and expands your services.

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Automated Investing

An Automated Investing proposition engages active or new investors through easy-access, affordable digital investing products.

The Nucoro Platform enables you to convert savers to investors, reaching more customers and paving the way for a lifelong relationship.

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Self-directed Investing

Create platforms for mass-market clients, allowing them to realise their ideas by easily investing in the companies they love.

With our flexible platform, you can build customer-centric propositions that increase stickiness, attract new users and drive revenue.

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Hybrid Advisory

Hybrid Advisory offers a blend of automated back office operations and human touch to provide advice in an intelligent way.

With the Nucoro Platform, you can build a solution to suit your advisors and end-clients at whatever stage of investing.

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Platform use case

Robo Investing

Allow your clients to uncover the world of digital retail investing and offer fully automated solutions designed to help them reach their financial goals.

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Robo Investing

Quick onboarding

It only takes a few minutes for your customers to define their objectives and complete the risk assessment that will help find the optimal portfolio.

Robo Investing

Personalised portfolios

Taking into account their personal situation and preferences, we will recommend the investment product that best suits your customers' needs.

Robo Investing

Simulation & forecast

Customers can edit the configuration of their plan or create additional portfolios to align their investment objectives with important life events.

Robo Investing

Monitor progress

Portfolios are rebalanced automatically to stay in line with customers' objectives and they can track its progress at any time in the app.

Platform use case

Stock trading application

Attract new customers and engage existing clients by giving them an easy and simple way to invest in the brands they love through fractional shares and automated alerts.

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Stock Trading Application

Thematic collections

Customers can browse through collections or get inspiration from the community to find the best opportunities on the market.

Stock Trading Application

Set up watchlists

Keep an eye on the most promising companies and be ready for the right moment to invest.

Stock Trading Application

Real Time Price Alerts

Let customers relax and put their phone down, the app will notify them when the desired price is reached.

Stock Trading Application

Flexible execution

They can execute their plan with fractional shares, limit orders, stop-loss orders and other strategic options.

Platform use case

Hybrid Robo Platform

Empower your advisors with back office automation that frees up their time for the interactions that make a difference, and engage clients with a blended approach.

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Hybrid Robo Platform

Advisor-led onboarding

Retain the crucial human touchpoints and onboard clients alongside automated processes to make onboarding easier and more efficient.

Hybrid Robo Platform

Client alerts

The proposition slots right in with pre-existing technology and partners thanks to blueprinted APIs.

Hybrid Robo Platform

Personalised products

Offer clients access to a wide asset universe when tailoring their portfolio to meet objectives.

Hybrid Robo Platform

Performance dashboards

Intuitive performance dashboards allow clients to check on the development of their investments at any time, building trust through transparency.

Platform use case

Driving real business value

Through a best practice, open API structure, the platform is built to easily connect to your core banking system, custodian platform, existing applications or standalone client experiences.

The modularity of the Platform gives you full flexibility to build automated investment propositions for your customers whilst allowing you to achieve key business objectives.

  • Increase revenue

    Drive revenue by cross-selling and upselling new propositions and adding impactful features to generate engagement.

  • Grow your client base

    Drive better customer retention and attract new audiences by giving them the tools to take full control of their investment plans in one place.

  • Empower your customers

    Allow your customers to take control by building portfolios to match their preferences, values, and bespoke risk profile.

Support at every step

Grasp the opportunity but unsure where to start? Our team of business, technology and investment experts are on hand to help and can work with you on a business case to unlock strategic value in your organisation.

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