The Nucoro Partner Network

We form strategic partnerships with best-in-class fintechs, technology providers and top-tier financials to work together to provide unrivalled, outstanding digital savings and investment solutions

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Why a partner network?

Rapid innovation through Pre–Integrations

We believe that an ecosystem of best-in-class players will innovate faster than anyone going at it alone.

It is why joining forces with powerful partners is central to the idea of the Nucoro Platform.

By combining our commitments to building outstanding technology and digital products, together we create more value for our clients.

our partners

End-to-end ID and identity verification solutions

Jumio's end-to-end ID and identity verification and authentication solutions fight fraud, maintain compliance and onboard good customers faster.

Co-browsing Solution with Video Chat

Surfly is a visual engagement tool for sharing web sessions online. With Surfly co-browsing solution, you can assist and help customers directly from your website.

The Conversational Platform for Financial Services

Unblu allows real-time collaboration with your customers via co-browsing, live chat, secure text messaging and video chat to achieve better customer experience.

Driving investment through digital relationships

Cognitive Investment Technologies delivers a conversational AI that understands investing and investment portfolios. We offer you the ability to white-label this enterprise platform and deliver it to your customers and advisers.

The Industry Test Environment as a Service

We are the Fintech innovation platform to help financial institutions partner with fintechs. Our sandbox prototyping environment lets you experiment with fintechs, complete with a fintech data workbench, fin-tech marketplace, and fintech sandbox.

Societal Impact. To Markets.

Bringing societal impact to markets.

Create Powerful e-Form

Best-in-class Enterprise e-Form and Reporting solutions. Accelerate sales cycle, increase revenue, and productivity with FORCS proprietary paperless technology.

Intelligent Open Banking

Bud goes beyond open banking, intelligently connecting services to create new opportunities for businesses and their customers.

The Machine rules

We bring objectivity to financial markets, focusing on risk management by using Technology, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Behavioural Finance. Applied.

We build software to help investors make the best financial decisions in the face of complexity, uncertainty, and behavioural biases.

AML Compliance Solution

Digitally transform your customer onboarding processes with NorthRow's SaaS AML compliance solution and benefit from improved experience and efficiency.

The fastest way to verify your customer's identity

The identity verification platform that users love. Optimized for conversion and security. Built for enterprise.

Global Identity Data Intelligence for Businesses

We live in an increasingly virtual world. The data we share every day reflects our identities. GBG help verify identity and validate documents.