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Nucoro Developer Portal

Build, automate and scale digital savings and investment products.

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Apply for a Developer Account to create a Nucoro sandbox environment and access developer resources.

Build, Integrate & Automate Digital Investment Products

Build Applications

Build, automate and scale digital savings and investment products

Integrate Systems

Build, automate and scale digital savings and investment products

Manage your Data

Build, automate and scale digital savings and investment products

Build Digital Investment Products

Build client or advisor-facing applications with ease.

Application API

Build web or mobile applications for your end clients and relationship managers with omni-channel communications. Create standalone apps or integrate Nucoro into existing applications.

Real-time Event Stream

Provide real-time data to your clients by connecting your frontend or mobile applications to a real-time event stream using the WebSocket protocol.

Reference Frontend Apps

Speed up your development process by using Nucoro’s reference front-end applications for clients and relationship managers. Fully responsive and multi-channel, ready to be modified and tailored to your needs.

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Build on Reference Frontend Apps

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Investor Area

Responsive web/mobile application for clients to to use your digital investment product, featuring client onboarding, portfolio creation, discretionary management and self-directed investment products.

Relationship Manager Portal

Relationship Managers to onboard and manage clients and their investments in an automated manner, reducing costs while increasing engagement and reducing drop-off.

Integrate with Existing Systems

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Integration API

Integrate Nucoro with other systems such as your core banking platform, custodian services, broker platform, market data provider, etc. Integrations can easily access the platform’s data and operate using this API.

Event-driven API / Webhooks

Nucoro can notify your application / integration when an event happens in the platform so that your application / integration can take subsequent steps. You can register HTTP callback handlers in Nucoro that will be triggered by specific platform events.

Manage your Fintech Platform

The Nucoro Back Office allows you to monitor the data stored in the platform and manage Tier 1 / Tier 2 customer support operations.

Manage Data

Access real-time KPIs and manage all the data stored in the platform.

Automate, Monitor and Manage Financial Operations

Monitor automated processes, such as daily reconciliation or portfolio rebalance.

Customer Support

Check client information, manage customer requests and…

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