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The infrastructure of modern
wealth management

We enable our customers to provide integrated and embedded wealth, launching products that their customers love.

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Trusted by leading financial institutions across the globe

Investment products have changed for good

Saving, investing, trading, wealth management. Your customers expect digital financial products that are easy-access, beautifully designed and make more of their money, and if they don’t receive them from you, they’ll go elsewhere.

Thrive in the digital age with the Nucoro Platform

Keep customers in your ecosystem, strengthen relationships and drive revenue with customer-centric investment propositions that grow your business and grow with your business.

The core of next-generation digital investment propositions

Unique speed to value

State of the art technology allows you to go to market in months, not years.

Easy integrations

API layers enable firms to connect to any existing or future in-house or third-party app, data source or system.

Hyper automation

Full automation of the entire investment lifecycle means costs are kept to a minimum.

Fully configurable

The platform’s modular make-up provides a flexible foundation for products to suit all customers.

The Nucoro Platform

Highly configurable, cloud-native, and supporting multiple global and regional markets, the Nucoro Platform is the core for all digital investment propositions globally.

Loved by developers, industry certified and with the highest standards of security, the Platform orchestrates business logic across the entire investment lifecycle, enabling firms to seamlessly build personalised, flexible solutions that grow with customers.

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One platform, endless possibilities

Self-directed Investing

Create platforms for mass-market clients, allowing them to realise their ideas by easily investing in the companies they love.

With our flexible platform, you can build customer-centric propositions that increase stickiness, attract new users and drive revenue.

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Automated investing

Empower active investors with tools that combine the convenience and affordability of Robo-Advice with the personalization of Wealth Management.

The Nucoro Platform makes it easy to launch a robo, goal-based or tailored proposition in months.

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Hybrid advisory

Hybrid Robo Advisory offers a blend of automated back office operations and human touch to provide advice in an intelligent way.

With our flexible platform, you can build a solution to empower your advisors and engage end-clients at whatever stage of investing.

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Driving business value

Create personalised and automated investment propositions in a matter of months that strengthen customer relationships and improve profitability.

Future proof your business

The Platform enables your business to change with the times. Easily build, adapt and grow propositions that flex with your business and customers.

Keep operating costs low

Costs are kept to a minimum thanks to hyper-automation of the entire investment lifecycle.

Build endless propositions

A truly modular platform powers multiple propositions in multiple markets for all your customer segments.

Adapt to local regulations

Built to meet regulatory requirements; the Platform’s functionality allows you to define rules, automate compliance operations and manage reporting easily, wherever you are in the world.

Transformative investment technology

We’ve been recognised as a transformer by Aperture in their wealth management market map.

We think the Nucoro Platform is world-class and we rank it as a ‘transformer’, an ideal choice for a new robo advisor or for an incumbent looking to launch a digital investment service.


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