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Total flexibility to build tailored propositions

Whether you want to create a goal-based savings app, launch a robo investment platform or build a truly digital bank, our technology is the place to start.

The Nucoro Platform automates all processes of digital money management and orchestrates the integrations with user experiences, existing systems and third parties

Seamless connectivity

A set of simple and powerful RESTful APIs connects the Platform to your existing user experiences. Front-end web and mobile components speed-up the time to market of standalone omni-channel applications.

Easy configurations

The modularity of the Platform gives you unparalleled flexibility. Start with a blueprint of a saving, investing, trading or wealth management use case or configure and launch your own unique proposition.

Quicker deployment

Best practice APIs make integrating with your current systems a straightforward process. Without existing infrastructure, pre-integrated solutions for custody, data, engagement and more are also available.

Platform modules

Client book

Single source of truth storage of personal data, account information and tax details.

KYC/AML verifications

One-off and recurring verification of identities and bank accounts and third-party provider management.

Risk profiling

Configurations or risk questionnaires and suitability assessments and gapless assessment history.

Communication & Engagement

Omni-channel notification settings, referral processes and content management system.

Documents & Contracting

Storage of digital signatures, auto-generation of contracts and repositories for client documents.

Asset universe

Multi-market configurations, flexible categorisations of asset details and prices and market/price data management.

Portfolio management

Configuration of model portfolios, automated advice engine and external provider management.

Rebalancing engine

Scheduling and configuration of constraints, pre/post trading checks, order generation, drift management and rebalance monitoring.

Account management

General investment accounts, tax wrapper configuration, contribution limits and transfer rules.

Account reporting

Definition of performance metrics, valuation and position reports, analytics tools and activity reporting.

Planning & goals

Scenario forecasting, setting, tracking and management of investing and saving goals.

Custodian engine

Infrastructures for omnibus and segregated accounts, support for multi currency and multi custodian setups.

Reconciliation engine

EoD valuation records, cash position and corporate actions reconciliation.

Brokerage engine

Support for fractional shares, trade aggregation, netting and external broker management.


Automation of deposits, withdrawals and management of external payment provider integrations.

Reporting engine

Client statement and tax reporting, regulatory reporting and gapless audit trail.

Billing engine

Administration of portal fees, setting of custom client fee schedules and invoice generation.

Global configuration

Configuration of client and staff portals and management of the entire cloud infrastructure.

Security & compliance

Oauth, 2-F authentication, Token JWT, gapless access logs for users and business teams and limitless process tracking.

Roles & permissions

Creation of users and definition of administrator and user functions and permissions.


Business and management dashboards, whole-of-record asset overview and global portfolio analysis tools.

Future-proof infrastructure

Nucoro gives you the freedom to build the right proposition for your specific use case, as either a stand-alone or integrated solution

100% cloud-native

Horizontally scalable

Global infrastructure

Flexibility is key. With AWS, Azure and Google Cloud deployment options we cover the largest cloud providers used in the banking industry.

The Nucoro Platform can efficiently run propositions and services of any size. Its horizontal-scaling allows it to adapt automatically to extremely high loads.

To deploy the platform with a redundant setup on multiple, isolated, and physically separate data centers you can choose from a wide range of geographic cloud locations.

High availability

Continous delivery

Infrastructure as code

The Platform is set up in high-availability mode with redundant cloud resources. It runs in multiple data-centers concurrently and no downtime is incurred for updates.

System updates are fully integrated with Nucoro’s development, testing and delivery tools. The Platform can be automatically and regularly updated without any service disruptions.

With our declarative model for provisioning and managing cloud resources, new platform environments can be set up and launched dynamically within minutes.

Highest security standards

Our technology features the highest protection standards to ensure continuous delivery and full compliance

Private cloud

Each platform environment is deployed within a secure Virtual Private Cloud that is logically isolated from all other resources in Nucoro’s or the client’s environment.

Military grade encryption

Military-grade encryption algorithms such as AES-256 are used to store sensitive data. Security cryptographic functions like PBKDF2 recommended by NIST are used throughout the platform.

Fully compliant

The Platform is used by clients regulated by the FCA, FINMA and other financial regulators worldwide and built on market leading cloud platforms, with the highest security certifications and standards.

built for developers

The nucoro developer portal and sandbox

To get started on your own, apply for a developer account and deploy your own sandbox environment. All necessary information you need to get innovating is available in our API documentation.

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