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Swiss Risk & Care

A leading broker in French-speaking Switzerland, Swiss Risk & Care is a subsidiary of SIACI SAINT HONORE, a European insurance group with worldwide operations that span four continents for 2.5m customers.

The challenge

Diversify proposition into investments to re-engage dormant customers.

The solution

Fully automated digital wealth proposition with full back-end automation.

The result

An additional revenue stream, Opsion, which operates as a disruptive challenger in the retail space without sacrificing the established expertise of the main business and brand.

The challenge

Amid increasingly tight market space,

The Swiss market has shown indications of slowing down over the past few years. There’s no guaranteed way to buck this trend, but insurance providers in central Europe have started diversifying their product offerings as a solution.

The creation of Opsion was Swiss Risk & Care's answer to this challenge. The new business arm needed to diversify their offering and deliver investment solutions that outperformed traditional ones.

Pascal Payot, Managing Director at Opsion 3a & Opsion Vested Benefits

We had been looking for a solution provider who could fit our digital ambition. The solution needed to be flexible, highly user-friendly for both clients and brokers and manage associated administrative burden effectively. Naturally, minimising the need for increased headcount was also a big part of our criteria. Nucoro was able to deliver the digital platform we were looking for.

Pascal Payot, Managing Director Opsion 3a & Opsion Vested Benefits

The solution

Within months, Opsion launched

A digital wealth solution with full back-end automation to offer a standalone, next-generation platform that could sustain and service clients independently.

A mockup of the Nucoro platform as used by Swiss Risk and Care

Key features

Fully automated

User journeys are fully automated from onboarding through to billing. Retail clients get a tailored user experience whilst Opsion brokers get access to different investment universes, depending on their needs.

Suitability checks
Risk profiling
Investor portal
Advisor portal
Dynamic fees
Portfolio configuration

Advanced investment service

Each client has their own portfolio, built depending on their personal situation and rebalanced automatically in line with their objectives and the evolution of the market.

AI algorithms
Model portfolios
Pricing plans
Fractional shares
Automated rebalances
Automated billing
Automated tax reports

Advisor-led onboarding with frictionless integrations

Clients are guided through the easy onboarding in just ten minutes, with human touchpoints where needed. Each function works seamlessly together and with Opsion’s current and future third-party providers.

Advisor-led onboarding
Digital signature
Contracts generation
Client documentation mgmt.
Accounts reconciliation
Omnibus account

The result



Opsion is an additional revenue stream and a sustainable proposition in the highly competitive pensions market in Switzerland for SRC.


A standalone platform allows brokers to onboard clients, much faster.


Clients have a new way to engage with their pension through a live investment dashboard.

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