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What Can We Learn From Buinesses That Succeed With Digitalisation ?

Digitalisation is becoming widely accepted as a necessity for all businesses that want to have a long-term future.

However, it is often wrongly seen as a one-stop shop replacement for humans, or something that needs to fundamentally disrupt the whole business model you’ve worked so hard to create.


What really creates success?

In our experience, success comes when you are able to integrate technology and digital experiences into your business in a way that feels bespoke for consumers.

At its best digitalisation allows you to enhance the efficiency of your operations, to explore new revenue streams and to be available to your clients on their terms, in a way that feels like you really know them.

For example, David wants you to understand that he’s busy with his career and only has time to look at his finances on the go, but he doesn’t want to miss out on valuable suggestions on where he should put his money and he wants to know what he should be thinking about to protect his family.

Melissa feels more confident speaking to someone about her investment decisions. She has a great relationship with her bank and her insurance provider, but neither offer an investment solution that works with her budget; face-to-face adviser fees feel too costly.

There are ways to create bespoke digital experiences that will delight David and Melissa. A one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work for today’s consumer and with the power of technology, it’s possible to build different experiences for their distinct needs.

However, it can be challenging to deliver digitalisation with internal resources only. Statistics show that around 84% of these projects fail.


Powerful partnerships can turn digital ambitions into reality

The businesses that are thriving with digitalisation often partner with carefully selected technology experts.

When you bring your business knowledge together with industry-leading technology know-how, that is a powerful recipe for meeting your customers’ changing needs and potentially competing in new markets, while keeping the trust you have worked so hard to build and retain over the years.


Digitalisation success at Opsion

One business that has done just that is Opsion, created by Swiss Risk & Care, a leading insurance and pension broker in Switzerland. Opsion partnered with Nucoro to create a digital wealth solution with full back-end automation.

This partnership created a bespoke user experience for consumers and enabled brokers to maximise the time they spent with clients while also minimising admin.

Within months Opsion was able to launch a market-ready and fully scalable digital wealth management solution. In the process they were able to expand into the Swiss retail market and add a wealth management income stream to their insurance and pension business.

‘We had been looking for a solution provider who could fit our digital ambition. The solution needed to be flexible, highly user-friendly for both clients and brokers and manage the associated administrative burden effectively.

Naturally, minimising the need for increased headcount was also a big part of our criteria. Nucoro were able to deliver the digital platform we were looking for.”

Pascal Payot, Managing Director, Opsion 3a & Opsion Vested Benefits


The opportunity is there for those with ambition

With an additional revenue stream and new clients, Opsion was able to operate as a disruptive challenger in the retail space, without sacrificing the established expertise of their main business and brand.

For those with the ambition, the opportunity to become one of the challengers is there for the taking.

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Key Ideas

  • Digitalisation is not a one-stop-shop replacement for humans
  • The businesses that are thriving with digitalisation often partner with carefully selected technology experts
  • With an additional revenue and new clients, firms are able to operate as a disruptive challenger without sacrificing their established expertise