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Webinar: The Rise of the Digital Retail Investor

Retail demand for investing has grown significantly as a result of low-fee trading apps. It is clear the rise of the retail investor is upon us. But with 78% of retail customers interested in receiving investment guidance from their bank, the opportunity for financial firms to bridge the gap between saving, trading and investing is both great and necessary.

Nikolai Hack, Head of Partnerships and Strategy at Nucoro was joined by speakers from Monument Bank, Vacuumlabs and The Rudin Group for an insightful discussion covering:

  • The macro factors driving the rise of digital retail investors
  • What institutions are already responding?
  • Where the opportunity lies and how to get started

For more information, visit our latest research which analyses the current landscape of saving and investing capabilities and what key areas of innovation banks can focus on to engage, retain and attract new customers.

Key Ideas

  • Over the past year, a new wave of tech-savvy digital retail investors has risen, but what does this mean for financial services?
  • This presents a huge opportunity for banks to bridge the gap between saving and investment propositions, not only to provide customers with the services they’re demanding but also to drive margins.
  • This opportunity is starting to be realised, with many of the larger institutions moving towards offering digital investment propositions.