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How Swiss Risk & Care Future-Proofed Their Pension Products Using The Nucoro Platform

A leading broker in Switzerland, Swiss Risk & Care is a subsidiary of SIACI SAINT HONORE, a European insurance group with worldwide operations that span four continents.

Swiss Risk & Care is the number one broker for insurance, pensions and HR outsourcing in Swiss Romandy and the number two at the national level. As a totally independent stakeholder, it has set up three foundations to bring innovative solutions into the market for individual and professional pensions in Switzerland: Opsion Fondation collective, Opsion 3a and Opsion Vested Benefits. 

Using the Nucoro platform they were able to launch Opsion, a leading digital wealth management experience for their brokers and their customers.

We chatted to Valérie Cruchet, Head of Communications and Business Development at Swiss Risk & Care.

What is your role at Swiss Risk & Care?

I am in charge of communications and commercial development for the brands Swiss Risk & Care and Opsion. In this role, I support the commercial managers at Opsion with the marketing of what we offer, in close partnership with the representatives from Nucoro in Switzerland for the 3a product.

What is your approach towards digital innovation?

Digital innovation is at the heart of our commercial development. Embracing digital solutions today is vital so we can provide our clients with additional advantages in terms of saving time, reliability, simplicity and agility. Even if the expertise provided by a consultant is still irreplaceable, our clients, whether they're professionals or private individuals, are demanding modern tools with advanced features.

How does this project fit into your global commercial strategy?

When the management team took the decision to extend the range to include individual pension products, our aim was to offer our future customers a solution that was 100% digitised so it could meet their expectations. The fact that the platform we developed with Nucoro is entirely digital and automated provided a strong commercial argument for going ahead with this project.

Why did you decide to work with a technology provider instead of building something in-house?

The platform provided by Nucoro is based on the automation of robotic processes, which allows an extremely large amount of data and parameters to be taken into account. Developing this high-technology tool in-house would not have been a viable option, as it is based on a level of expertise that a fintech like Nucoro is in a perfect position to provide.

Opsion case study

What were your reasons for deciding to work with us?

We took the decision to work with Nucoro due to your extensive expertise with automating robotised processes, their knowledge of the specific features of the pensions market in Switzerland and how close you are to where our partners are based in Geneva. 

How has working with Nucoro impacted SRC in the long-term? 

The impact has mainly been commercial: thanks to the platform’s new features, we have been able to position ourselves in the highly-competitive pensions market in Switzerland in a sustainable way. We now have a reliable, flexible and open tool that is tailored to our customers. It is a complete match to where Opsion has positioned itself, so the tool is in line with what we promise. Additionally, the key advantages I would say are: how user friendly the platform is both for professionals and for private individuals, how reliable it is and the good breadth of risk profiles available, which give the customers a wide range of options.

What impact has this project had on your customers?

We are still at an early stage in terms of marketing, so it's still a bit too early to answer this question. Even so, throughout all of the tests we have run, professionals are providing a tool that uses the latest technology and can be adapted to their products and their situation. As for private individuals, they are able to keep control of their wallets, they have access to a clear dashboard and to all the features and they can do all this with just a few clicks.


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Key Ideas

  • Using the Nucoro platform Swiss Risk and Care were able to launch Opsion to their customers
  • Thanks to the platform’s scalable features, the insurance provider has been able to position themselves in the highly-competitive pensions market in Switzerland
  • Swiss Risk and Care have reaped commercial benefits and their customers now have access to a user friendly investment dashboard