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In the spotlight | Alice

Welcome to the Nucoro spotlight, a monthly Q&A with one of our team.

This month we chat to Alice Ní Chonchubhair. Alice is a Sales Development Representative in our London office and is originally from Ireland. She has a wealth of experience in the SaaS area and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

We chatted to Alice (socially distanced via Zoom, of course) to hear more about her views on the market and her reasons for joining Nucoro.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

I studied Business & German studies for my bachelor’s degree in Trinity College, Dublin. I then went on to do CEMS Masters in International Masters between Dublin and Paris. I've lived, studied and worked abroad in five countries and moving to London for this role will be my sixth! I love travelling, learning new languages, cooking and running.

Why did you join Nucoro?

I joined Nucoro because the mission of democratising wealth really resonated with me. It's important for me that a company has a long term vision with an underlying greater good. Especially because my role is in sales, I have to really believe in the product that I'm selling because I want to help my prospects with their challenges and help them to achieve their ambitions! 

What is your favourite part of introducing Nucoro to other people? 

My favourite part is that once you explain it briefly, covering the why and the how, they nod and say that makes total sense and immediately they can relate. They're instantly invested in the vision of the company because finances affect everyone, and it’s usually an emotional connection.

How would you describe Nucoro in 3 words?


The people at Nucoro are passionate about what they're doing and it shines through in the technology we build.


We have ambitious people and an ambitious company goal. This is what drives us to fulfill Nucoro’s mission of a world where everyone has control over their financial futures. Check out our team here!


Nucoro is crucial for financial institutions to stay competitive as Big Tech and fintechs enter the space with customer-centric offerings that address the changing needs and expectations of customers. With low interest rates and a widening pension gap across Europe, banks need to help the average retail customer by guiding them from saving into investing and making their money work harder. 

What do you think are the biggest trends in financial services right now?

People are experimenting more and more with different financial propositions offered by banking challengers and fintechs, whether through round-up tools or stock trading; it's very common for people to have multiple apps on their phones. This has definitely been accelerated by Covid-19. 

Other trends that are soaring at the moment include instant digital payments: the phone has become the wallet for many people. This has also been accelerated by the pandemic, as the use of cash has depleted even in cash-centric countries such as Germany. 

What does digital innovation mean to you? 

To me, digital innovation is a measure of human development and the creation of more value. As long as there is digital innovation it means the world is moving forward. Digital innovation means making everything in our lives easier and more efficient in terms of time, cost and other resources. This can be seen on different levels: individual, company, governmental etc.. Whatever the level, digital innovation gives us the opportunity to put saved money, time, effort and other resources into other things to create even more value. 

Another really positive outcome of digital innovation is the levelling of the playing field between the developed, developing and underdeveloped world. It's bringing the world closer together, even now when we can't physically be in proximity to one another. I've begun remotely with Nucoro, it's been a very warm welcome and it already feels like I'm part of the team! 

What does financial wellbeing mean to you? 

To me financial wellbeing means that I have full control over my finances so that I can live my life the way I want to, now and in the future. More concretely, that means saving and investing with the goal of buying an apartment in a few years, putting money into a pension fund, whilst also enjoying the present, whether that be buying clothes, eating out, or travelling somewhere as soon as I can! 

What makes working in fintech rewarding? 

Working in fintech is rewarding because your work really has an impact on the lives of people all around you, especially at Nucoro. By providing a platform to major financial institutions we have the potential to reach millions of customers and give them access to digital wealth management products so that they can take control of their finances and live the way they want to now and in the future. 

Get in touch with Alice, see our latest job openings or learn more about our digital platform here.

Key Ideas

  • Digital innovation brings the world closer together even when we can't physically be in proximity to one another
  • Nucoro is crucial for financial institutions to stay competitive
  • Access to digital wealth management allows people to control their finances and live the way they want to now and in the future