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Developing a hybrid advisory solution for a private bank:

A Swiss case study

With $15 trillion expected to transfer hands to millennials, Gen Z and Gen Ys in the next ten years, how is technology enabling private banks to strengthen their brand across generations? And what can these banks learn from the retail sector as we experience one of the biggest shifts in investing behaviour yet?

Edmond de Rothschild's Salvador Vidal and Nucoro's Hugo Ferreira discuss the challenges that Edmond de Rothschild faced when embarking on its digital investment journey and delve into how its partnership with Nucoro is paving the way for them to thrive in the digital age with a hybrid advisory proposition.

This recording is part of the second edition of EFMA's Affluent Banking Best Practice Forum - Wealth Transfer - Big Challenge.

Key Ideas
  • With Edmond De Rothschild’s long-standing reputation and Nucoro’s agility, the partnership brought about transformation that tackles both internal and external challenges faced by firms within the financial services industry
  • The pandemic has increased the pressures faced by the private bank to adapt to its clients digital expectations
  • The hybrid advisory solution dramatically increases operational efficiency and empowers its advisors