Platform solutions

Using the Nucoro Platform, transform the banking experience for your customers and unlock new revenue with leading fintech propositions.

Attract new customers and engage existing clients by giving them an easy and simple way to invest in the brands they love

Customers can track their favourite companies, trade fractional shares and build their own investment portfolio in just a few simple clicks.

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Inspire your customers

Support them in building and refining their investment strategy with watchlists and alerts.

Enable seamless execution of trades with real-time pricing and fractional dealing.

Deliver portfolio insight and analytics to support their investment journey.

Key features

Real-time pricing
Fractional shares
Corporate actions management
Performance analytics
Secure user tracking

Increase your revenue per customer by removing the barriers to investing.

Increase your customers’ ability to save and enable them to effortlessly take their first steps into investing with AI-powered tools. From round-ups to retirement planning, helping your customers achieve their goals has never been easier.

Re-engage your customers

Propose the right product for their unique goals.

Engage users with helpful tools and nudges.

Identify new opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Key features

Risk assessment
Suitability checks
Goal management
Tax wrappers
Deposits & withdrawals
Fee scheduling
Performance analytics

Increase your revenue per customer by offering an automated investment solution.

Empower your customers to put their investments on auto-pilot. This fully digital experience builds and manages portfolios, giving you the flexibility to offer a set of model or individual and themed portfolios. With full automation across the entire value chain, customers get a totally seamless investment experience.

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Empower your customers

Automatically build portfolios to match their risk profile.

Manage their investments daily to give them peace of mind.

Engage them with in-depth portfolio analytics.

Key features

Risk assessment
Suitability checks
ID verification
Bank account verification
Customisable advice
Customisable portfolios
Deposit automation
Drawdown schedules
Access logs
Performance measurement

Empower your customers to
plan for their family's future with a personalised, automated portfolio

Enable your customers to plan for key life stages and events using simulation and forecasting, and help them reach their goals with an adjustable, automated portfolio.

Financial Planning mockup

Engage your customers

Analyse each customer’s situation with existing information.

Engage users through personalised goal-setting.

Provide recommendations to help them reach their goals.

Key features

Product recommendations
Multi-Goal tracking
Retirement planner
Notifications & alerts
Dynamic risk management
Tax reporting
Deposit automation
Customisable advise
Customisable portfolios
Performance measurement

Infrastructure and security.

100% Cloud-native

Flexibility is key. With AWS and Microsoft Azure deployment options we cover the largest cloud providers used in the banking industry.

Military-grade encryption

Military-grade encryption algorithms such as AES-265 are used to store sensitive data. Security cryptographic functions like PBKDF2 recommended by NIST are used throughout the platform.

Fully compliant

The Platform is used by clients regulated by the FCA, FINMA and other financial regulators worldwide and built on market leading cloud platforms, with the highest security certifications and standards.

Horizontally scalable

The Nucoro Platform can efficiently run propositions and services of any size. Its horizontal-scaling allows it to adapt automatically to extremely high loads.

Build and integrate

The modularity of the Platform gives you full flexibility to build all types of money management propositions for your customers.

Through a best practice, open API structure, the platform is built to easily connect to your core banking system, custodian platform, existing applications or standalone client experiences.