New Report:

The Future of

Money Management

With 78% of retail customers interested in receiving investment advice from their bank, it has never been more important to offer leading money management propositions.

This three-part report explores how banks can unlock new revenue streams and fight off challengers to win in the digital world.

Part 1: The opportunity in saving and investing

The changes of consumer behaviour can be best analysed by looking at the propositions that clients are turning to - when they’re turning their back on their existing banking providers. From entry-level savers to high-net-worth individuals, customers continue to seek out digital offerings that cater to a specific need.

Part 2: Understanding your customers' needs

While their preferences are changing, the good news is that retail banks still have these individuals as customers. Their first and most important financial relationship continues to be their traditional bank. As long as this is the case, banks must use this window of opportunity to build propositions catering to their customers’ specific money management needs.

Part 3: Choosing the right technology

To enable the entire organisation to deliver customer-first value, a digital platform needs to connect and orchestrate all necessary components and processes of the proposition. Three key aspects are crucial for a successful digital-first proposition: flexibility, a high degree of automation of processes, and easy deployments and integrations

Key Ideas
  • The opportunity for banks to build winning propositions that generates revenue and delights customers
  • Understanding the key sub-segments within banking and their financial motivations
  • Selecting the right technology based on your business needs